“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. ”

– Aristotle

About BGC

Hostel Facilities :

To provide residential facilities to the needy and meritorious student coming from the remote places/areas of the district, the college authority has constructed two well equipped hostel with all modern amenities within the area of the college campus and another hostel block is under construction.

Other Facilities :




  Identity Card

  Bood Bank

  Common Room

  Welfare Fund

  Water Supply


  Limited Medical Aid

  Academic Counseling


  Reading Room

  Traveling Concession


  Career Information

  Remedial classes

  Health care programme

  Free coaching class

  Fitness centre

  Free Computer Education

  Sports Facilities


Merits Award :

To recognize academic achievements and to promote academic interest, the college has instituted the most prestigious award called MERIT AWARD to the students. It is delivered on the concluding day of the Annual College Week Festival to the following students :

The students who secure highest marks in HS and TDC final examinations among the student community of AHSEC and GU respectively.

Students' Union :

Barpeta Girls' College Students’ Union is the only recognized students’ Body of the college. Its Membership is compulsory for every BG-ian. Barpeta Girls’ College Students’ Union has its own Constitution according to which election is held annually and a new body is constituted for a term of one year.

The College Authority publish its annual Magazine titled "TARANGINI" and wall magazine titled "PRATITI" every year in association with the Students' Union.

Vision Statement

The vision of the college is to make it a centre of excellence to spread higher education to the women of rural and semi-urban populace of the region with a view to making them good, honest, responsible and worthy citizen of the country.