Accommodation includes :

From the above accomodations the Girls' Hostel is under construction.

Central Library


The Central Library of the College has a collection of more than 10,000 Books including Text, references and other documents. Besides, it subscribes several vernaculars and English Dailies, Weeklies, Forthnightly and monthly Journals and other magazines suited to the taste and need of students.

All students and employees of the college are free to have an access to the library facilities. Computerization of Library Documents is almost finished. Besides students reading room, the Library has also a separate reading room for the staff. At least 100 students can read at a time in the reading room.

Library Rules :

  • 3(Three) Books will be issued at a time every students (Gen.& Major)
  • Only text books will be issued on loan.
  • Reference books will not be issued on loan.
  • Books will be provided to the students from 11-00 A.M. to 3-00 P.M on the basis of availability.
  • The Borrower must return the book within 15 days. Otherwise a fine of Rs.5(five) will be levied for each day for the next 15 days, and a rupee for each day thereafter each book.
  • Before declaration of the result of General Test Examinations of the college, students must return the books.
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the book before borrowing.
  • Books lost or defaced or injured in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower, if fails then twice of the market value of the same will have to pay.

The Central Library will remain opened from 9.30 A.M to 5-00P.M. on all working days.

N.S.S. Unit


The N.S.S. Unit of the college was brought into existence in the year 2004. At the initial stage the unit had only 125 student members but now more students are showing their interest in N.S.S. and for that very reason, the number of members have increased rapidly. From the beginning of the N.S.S. Unit , it has undertaken several programmes like - Campus cleaning drive, World Environment Day, Free Health Camp, and Campus Beautification Programme under the programme officer Mrs. Anjali Nath, Lecturer Deptt. of Assamese.

Scout & Guide Unit

Scout & Guide Unit

The Scout & Guide Unit was opened in the year 2003 with a view to provide social services in the vicinity of Barpeta Town and its neighbouring villages. The Unit has been rendering valuable services under the guide ship of Renger Leader Mrs. Rita Mani Bayan, Lecturer, Deptt. of Philosophy.

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Self Financing Courses



The Institute of Computer Education, Barpeta Girls' College, Barpeta was established in the year 2003 as a self financing institute. The main objective of the institute is to acquaint the students with basic knowledge of computer science and to train the students to find self-employments in various computer related works.The institute offer free certificate on various courses of computer application.

Presently it has 150 students intake capacity with 6(Six) Computer sets covering the following course contents :

  1. Computer Fundamental Theory.
  2. Operating System Software
    • MS-DOS
    • MS-Windows
  3. MS-Office
    • MS-Word
    • MS-Excel
    • MS-Power-Point
    • MS-Access
    • MS-FrontPage
  4. Introduction to Internet and Networking
    • LAN & WAN
    • Networking ideal
  5. DATA Base and Programming
    • Foxpro for WINDOWS


As per NAAC’s suggestion and the growing demand from students some more new self financing courses have been introduced in the college for the greater interest of students. One of them is embroidery and the other is cutting & knitting. Interested students may offer any of these courses at free of cost. Experience teachers are appointed to train the students in each of the course.

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Co-Curricular Activity

Education in its totality imparts knowledge, social skill and emotional maturity and as such Barpeta Girls' College lays due emphasis on co-curriculum activities. Accordingly, the following organizations are engaged in undertaking such programmes.

  • English Literary Society.
  • Sahitya Chara.
  • The Environment Society.
  • Population Club.
  • Economic Club.
  • Political Science Forum.
  • Education Forum, etc.

Accordingly, this following organizations are engaged in undertaking such programmes.

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Extension Activities

The aim of a college is no longer confined to classroom teaching alone. The corpus of a modern college comprises extension–education too.

  • Women empowerment Awareness programmes. By- Education forum.
  • One socio-economic survey in a backward areas of the district. By- Economic Club.
  • One pathchakra will be conducted by Sahitya Chara.

Barpeta Girls' College in its endeavour to merge as an ideal centre of learning has given due stress on extension activities and proposes to undertake the above programmes.

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